Counterbalanced Forklift AGV

VisionNav counterbalanced forklift AGV uses vision navigation technology pioneered in China, no need to install any reflectors or magnetic tapes, or modify the customer site. Equipping with VisionNav central control system, it can realize many functions including multiple vehicles scheduling, traffic management and control, customer system integration, etc. It also can ensure system safety and effective information management with its reliable safe obstacle avoidance, good malfunction self-inspection ability and user-friendly man-machine interface. Vision navigation counterbalanced forklift AGV from VisionNav Robotics has shown its leading operation speed and working efficiency with 1.5T rated load capacity, 4.5m lifting height, maximum 1.5m/s running speed, ±10mm stopping accuracy, turning without stops and auto/manual mode switching by one button.


Product advantage

  • Visual SLAM construction, navigation accuracy ±10mm

  • Load, travel speed, parking accuracy ​

  • Accurate identification, adaptive fork picking goods

  • Easy docking with WMS/WCS system

  • 360° laser safety inspection

  • 7x24 hours work

Application scenario

Application scenario