Forward Unmanned Forklift

The forward-moving unmanned forklift adopts advanced navigation technology, without the need to install reflective plates, magnetic strips, etc., and does not need to modify the customer site. Equipped with a future robot unmanned forklift central control system, which can realize functions such as multi-vehicle dispatching, traffic control, and docking with customer systems. It has reliable safety obstacle avoidance function, perfect fault self-check function and friendly man-machine interface to ensure system security and effective information management. The forward robot unmanned forklift of the future has a rated load of 1.6 T, a lifting height of up to 9.4 m, and a maximum operating speed of 1.5 m / s. It has the industry's premier operating speed and working efficiency. Auto / manual mode.


Product advantage

  • Custom navigation: visual navigation and laser navigation

  • The rated load is 1.6T, the lifting height can reach 9.4m, the maximum running speed is 1.5 m / s, and the parking accuracy is ± 10mm

  • High efficiency, high precision and high stability

  • High cost performance, high flexibility, and high scalability

  • Flat handling, 9.4m high stacking

  • Material detection, safety obstacle avoidance, failure self-inspection

Application scenario

Application scenario