Electric Tractor

Material detection and safe unmanned tractors use a combination of advanced navigation and magnetic nail navigation to meet indoor and outdoor application scenarios. Equipped with a future robotic unmanned tractor central control system, which can implement functions such as multi-vehicle dispatching, traffic control, and docking with customer systems. It has reliable safety obstacle avoidance function, perfect fault self-check function and friendly man-machine interface to ensure system security and effective information management. The future robot unmanned tractor has a rated traction weight of 4 T, a maximum running speed of 1.5 m / s, and no stopping at corners. It has the industry's premier operating speed and working efficiency, and can switch between automatic and manual modes with one click.

Obstacle avoidance and failure self-check


Product advantage

  • Custom navigation: visual navigation and laser navigation

  • Rated traction weight4 T,最高运行速度1.5 m/s

  • High efficiency, high precision and high stability

  • High cost performance, high flexibility, and high scalability

  • Plane towing transportation

  • Material detection, safety obstacle avoidance, failure self-inspection

Application scenario

Application scenario