location detection system

VisionNav location detection system, based on deep learning image identification technology, can detect storage location situation in real-time. With the help of big data and AI intelligent algorithm, the system can effectively identify and track the goods, pallets, forklifts, operators and other objects in the warehouse. It can share object information to WMS system and central control system in real time, providing storage location safety information to the companies, as well as helping unmanned operation of AGVs, patrol robots and other intelligent devices. In addition, VisionNav location detection system is equipped with infrared detection, enabling itself to perform real-time detection task without lighting. It can provide information support for intelligent equipment for night work, and reduce operating costs. It is very suitable for all kinds of storage, cargo transit and other scenarios in warehouse logistics, manufacturing, aviation and other areas.


Product advantage

  • Accurate Identification: identify vehicles, goods, carriers, personnel and other objects accurately in complex scenarios based on intelligent deep learning image identification technology;

  • Safety Management: detect object situation in real time, send early warnings of security risks such as illegal break-in, improper operation onsite, etc., and provide video stream data to the customer and help to manage safety with safety strategy based on AI algorithm;

  • Strong Anti-interference Ability: reduce the impact of scenario changes, varying lighting, and other factors on the identification, and realize accurate object identification and dynamic object check

Application scenario

Application scenario