DHL Supply Chain Team Visited VisionNav Robotics for further cooperation

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DHL is one of the best contract logistics suppliers in the world, who has always been a strong supporter of innovation and change in logistics industry. On October 30, DHL Supply Chain sent a team to visit VisionNav Robotics at the headquarters in Shenzhen. During the visit, Dr. Fang Mu, the CTO of Visoinnav Robotics, introduced their unmanned products and business mode to DHL team. Deepening cooperation between two parties can be expected soon.

Figure: DHL Supply Chain team visited VisionNav Robotics


"VisionNav Robotics have profound technology research & development and long-term project experience in the field of vision-guided unmanned forklift." Representative from delegation team affirmed the professionalism of VisionNav Robotics visual AI technology, and asked about efficiency and safety of unmanned forklift technology when replacing labor. “It involves a large number of goods detection and information reading processes. Although the efficiency of unmanned forklift cannot reach the level of manual handling, by 24/7 longtime working with high efficiency, it can meet the total needs of inbound and outbound in warehousing companies" Dr. Fang Mu also introduced the unique safety protection module in their forklifts, which can effectively avoid obstacles. Up to now, all launched forklifts in operations are in good conditions and they can effectively adapt to a variety of complex scenarios, providing a large number of data precipitation and scenario reference for the diverse needs of subsequent users.


Figure: Dr. Fang Mu, the Vice General Manager of VisionNav Robotics

Figure: DHL Supply Chain Delegation Team

Later, the delegation team visited the unmanned warehouse of VisionNav Robotics for the handling demonstration. Dr Fang highlighted their vision navigation module, a visual camera on top of the vehicle. Unmanned forklift perceives environment through visual information. It saves various environmental information as offline map, and compares the information between real-time image and offline map during operation to locate and navigate. A seemingly simple unmanned forklift in fact integrates the most cutting edge technologies including AI vision, servo control and cloud storage, making it the most promising industrial robot in the market.

Figure: DHL Supply Chain Delegation Team at VisionNav Robotics Unmanned Warehouse

DHL has been a long-term partner of VisionNav Robotics. In the previous cooperation, VisionNav Robotics has provided intelligent warehousing proposal for DHL bonded warehouse. It takes about 2 months to import the project. It can seamlessly integrate to the existing WMS system and realize multi-machine collaborative unmanned operation, avoiding the danger of high level shelf operation and improving the warehousing efficiency by more than 20%. The visit of further enhanced mutual trust between DHL and VisionNav Robotics, and increase the possibility of international business cooperation.


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