DHL Supply Chain Delegation Visits Future Robots: Deepening Cooperation

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On October 30, DHL Supply Chain, the world's leading contract logistics supplier, visited a future robot. As a long-term partner of future robots, DHL has always been a strong supporter of innovation and change in the logistics industry. The delegation learned about the unmanned products and business models of future robots at the Shenzhen headquarters, and exchanged views with Dr. Fang Mu, deputy general manager and technical director, and looked forward to in-depth cooperation with future robots in international business.

图:DHL Supply Chain考察团到访未来机器人


"Future robots have in-depth technical research and development and long-term project experience in the field of vision unmanned forklifts." The delegation representatives affirmed the professionalism of future robot vision AI technology, and meticulously asked about the efficiency and efficiency of unmanned forklift technology in replacing humans. safe question. "Because it involves a large number of cargo inspection and information reading processes, although the efficiency of the unmanned forklift cannot reach the level of manual handling, it can work efficiently for 24 hours to meet the storage and delivery requirements of the storage enterprise." Fang The doctor introduced that robot unmanned forklifts in the future will be equipped with unique safety protection modules, which can effectively avoid obstacles. As of now, all the robots running are in good condition and can effectively adapt to a variety of complex scenarios, providing a large amount of data precipitation and scenario references for the diverse needs of subsequent users.


图:未来机器人副总经理 方牧博士

Picture: DHL Supply Chain Expedition


Subsequently, the delegation arrived at the future robot unmanned warehouse, and watched the unmanned live demonstration. Dr. Fang introduced the vision navigation module unique to the future robots-the vision camera on the top of the fuselage. Unmanned forklifts perceive the environment through visual information, save various environmental information as offline maps, and match the information based on real-time images and offline maps at runtime to achieve positioning and navigation. The seemingly simple unmanned forklift, in fact, integrates the most advanced AI vision, servo control, and cloud storage technologies. It is currently the industrial robot with the most market potential.

Picture: DHL Supply Chain delegation enters unmanned warehouse


Video: DHL delegation visits future robots


It is reported that DHL has been a long-term partner of future robots. In the previous project cooperation, future robots planned an intelligent storage and storage solution for DHL bonded warehouses. The project introduction cycle was about 2 months, and the seamless docking of the existing WMS system was completed to realize the unmanned operation of multiple machines. The DHL delegation's visit to the future robot further enhanced the mutual trust and mutual trust between the two parties and deepened the possibility of international business cooperation.


Video: Application of Future Robotic Unmanned Forklift at DHL Project Site

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