News Flash | ZTE and VisionNav Robotics Sign Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement, Facilitating the Landing of 5G in the Automated Warehouse

2019-12-26 10:00:00   Editor in charge:     0

On December 26th, ZTE Corporation and VisionNav Robotics officially signed frame agreement for deepening strategic cooperation on 5G, collaborate to renovate the strategic arrangement of 5G warehouse logistics. Mr. Lu Ping, Vice President of ZTE, and Dr. Li Luyang, CEO of VisionNav Robotics attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, both parties shall deeply integrate mobile network communication technology, robot vision, intelligent perception and driverless controlling technology aiming at the application scenes of vision navigation industrial vehicles, and drive the innovative application of vision navigation industrial vehicles under 5G network, which includes but not limited to: smart warehouse scenes (including material handling inside ordinary warehouses, accessing intensive high level racks, loading and unloading trucks, smart pile-up stacking, etc.), smart logistics scenes (including traction inside the warehouses in the park, heavy-load traction in the airports and harbors) and many other scenes.

“The commercialization of 5G technology will bring disruptive influence to traditional industries, and the empowerment of 5G to industrial driverless techniques also will create more possibilities to the development of smart warehousing.” Dr. Li Luyang said with emotions. It is reported that with the first commercial and scaled deployment of 5G technology worldwide, the deep integration and application of 5G and AI technology have turned out to be the “permit” to enter the new race lane for all industries. As world’s leading provider for smart warehouse and unmanned material handling solutions, VisionNav Robotics showed strongly explosive power in the field of intelligent warehousing recent years with its unique vision navigation driverless technology. The strategic cooperation between VisionNav Robotics and ZTE this time will take a further step on the application of VisionNav ‘s vision navigation driverless technology in smart warehouses.

ZTE Corporation, the world’s leading provider of integrated communication solutions, has so far won 35 commercial 5G contracts worldwide, covering major 5G markets such as China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and cooperating with over 60 operators across the world in 5G.

With this boundary-crossing cooperation, ZTE and VisionNav Robotics will together build the new paradigm for the co-application between 5G and driverless industrial vehicles, and explore application scenes in more vertical fields including 5G and smart warehousing.

VisionNav Robotics is the world’s leading provider of smart warehousing and unmanned material handling solution, working on the application and scenes landing of vision driverless technology to industrial vehicles (forklift trucks, tractors, port machines, heavy trucks, etc.) since its establishment in 2016. Four types of vision guided vehicles developed so far including indoor automated guided industrial vehicles, outdoor automated tow tractors, outdoor heavy-load diesel tractors and outdoor automated port machines. These products are mainly used in intelligent manufacturing, smart storage, logistics parks, airports, quays and other places, with customers who are leading enterprises in the fields of ecommerce, logistics, 3C, pharmacy, automobile manufacturing, etc.