VisionNav Robotics, Leader of Vision Navigation Unmanned Industrial Vehicles

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Founded in 2016 by a team of professor and D.Eng. from the Chinese university of Hong Kong, VisionNav Robotics becomes the dark horse in mobile robot (AGV) industry in China With world-leading vision navigation technology and strong explosiveness, it takes only 3 years to reach turnover of over 50 million RMB, which attracts tremendous attentions.

Focusing on vision navigation with different technologies     

Compared to other AGV navigation such as magnetic, QR code and laser, there are three core advantages for vision navigation.

1)Strong Usability: Visual camera can obtain rich information such as color, texture, etc. These can help mobile robots to achieve effective positioning, controlling and perception in natural environment. It can greatly improve operation efficiency, accuracy and stability, as well as reduce project installation difficulties and shorten onsite installation time. Compared to other navigation methods, vision navigation from VisionNav Robotics can adapt to complex scenarios in the demand of customer’s regular use. For example, deformed racks or pallets after long-time use, large proportion of oversize goods, unpredictable transportation needs with periodical surge, vehicle dispatching and scheduling in narrow space, etc.

2)Wide applicability: Adding modularized vision navigation technology to industrial vehicles can easily realize unmanned transformation and upgrade. At present, VisionNav Robotics can work with over 180 industrial vehicles from 6 brands.


Cost advantage of vision sensors has significantly reduced the price of the product. The price of industrial camera from world’s top-level supplier is around 3000 RMB, which is 10%-20% of the price of same level laser sensors. Therefore, in terms of ROI or payback period for end customer, there is an obvious advantage for vision navigation unmanned industrial vehicles.

It takes 9 year (6 years before company establishment and 3 years after) for VisionNav Robotics team to make “unmanned industrial vehicles driven by vision navigation technology” in the worldwide. The vision navigation unmanned industrial vehicle modules and vehicle scheduling system self-developed by the team lead the standards of underlying positioning, perception and control logic in international robotics technologies. There is extremely strong product competitiveness in both domestic and global market.

Dr. Li Luyang, co-founder of VisionNav Robotic told reporter from in an interview earlier, that “VisionNav Robotics is still working on vision navigation technology at the current stage. By improving the information acquisition ability and information transmission speed, vision and motion of industrial vehicles can be combined in a more perfect way, which can further improve the easy-to-use, applicability and cost-effectiveness, and promote the inflection point of industry.

Lead globally in vision unmanned industrial vehicles area with large amount of applications in head customers

VisionNav Robotics is a company providing a platform to do unmanned transform and upgrade to industrial vehicles. Their business includes unmanned industrial vehicles development and transformation in production lines, warehouses, logistics parks, airports and other semi-structured scenarios. It is reported that vision navigation unmanned industrial vehicles from VisionNav Robotics have been applied successfully in over 30 sites from industrial head customers. 

There are 2 advantages of VisionNav Robotics, which will keep the leading in vision navigation unmanned industrial vehicle area.

1)Technical accumulation. For 9 years VisionNav Robotics has been working on vision navigation field in depth. With the help of their world-class team they will continue to increase spending in vision navigation R&D in the next 3 years to build higher technical barrier. “The responsibility of leading enterprises in the industry is to promote the appearance of industry explosion breaking point. VisionNav Robotics is make its own efforts. Whether there is explosion breaking point for vision navigation in the fields of unmanned industrial vehicle, the decisive factor is not market demands, but technology and product. It is fair enough to say that there are no any unmanned industrial vehicles of any companies worldwide can fully meet the customer's requirement on efficiency, function, cost, and vehicle reformation.Therefore we will not feel any comfort for the current situation, instead we should increase the investment on R&D, strive forward with our whole heart and mind and never stop working deeply on vision navigation and products until our technology and project can fully meet customer’s requirement.” Dr. Li Luyang emphasized in the interview.

2)The landing of mature business mode helps to accumulate rich project experience. Vision navigation unmanned industrial vehicles and systems from VisionNav Robotics is known to apply successfully in many fields including ecommerce logistics, retail logistics, bonded logistics, FMCG, automotive manufacturing, new energy, and so on. More than 60% of their customers are the world’s top 500 companies. VisionNav Robotics can provide solutions for complex scenarios, many of them are industry first and advanced, such as 9.4m high level unmanned loading on racks, self-adaption picking and placing goods technology, real-time positioning with correction technology. These can creatively solve the difficulties to automatically transport irregular parts. During 2019 CeMat Asia, VisionNav Robotics exhibited their vision navigation control module, and the world’s first highly precise stacking solution of multiple cages. “In our industry, all valuable technologies and products need to be precipitated and excavated by a large amount of customer requirements and application scenarios, then force engineers to verify their R&D result in customer actual requirement and applications, then again force back the engineer for continuous iteration. If you only make a laboratory prototype or only deploy at 1-2 customer sites, there is still a long distance for volume production, because you may even understand the actual requirement of your customer. The advantage of VisionNav Robotics lies in technology and product continuous iteration via large numbers of customer sites and applications. Their R&D team nevel alienate themselves from their customer to optimize products at the gradient directions, so that they can do at fastest speed of growth with highest efficiency.” Explained by Dr. Li Luyang about his thought of the relationship between customer needs and R&D.


As for the development in the future, Dr. Li Luyang said “the easiness, adaptability and cost-effectiveness of vision navigation technology needs continuous optimization. We will always adhere to it. Base on this, we’ve developed big outdoor scenarios using unmanned tractors in the airport. It will gradually extend to other important application scenarios such as wharfs. The goal of VisionNav Robotics is to become world leading company providing universal platform of precise driverless technology.”

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